Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Labour playground politics part 75!

I was hearing that the Speaker of the House of Commons also my MP (so they tell me anyway!) Michael Martin, had to tick off his fellow Labour MPs in the house today for their obsessive references to the Scottish Government. They were warned that they have to stop using their Westminster positions as a political platform to attack the SNP Government. You know, if I were them, I think I might want to use my position to do something about this recession we're all suffering. Don't get me wrong, I am happy knowing that we're clearly doing something right if we're bugging them that much. But they need to remember their job is to run the countries of the UK, not to run another country down.

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subrosa said...

Well said. You won't have heard Jim Murphy on Lesley Riddoch yesterday lunchtime? Honestly he sounds like the No 10 CD is stuck on a loop. How I managed to listen to it all I'll never know.