Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bashir's legacy

Seeing as my stats for this blog have quadrupled and then some (what's the word for a 5 fold increase again?) I thought I'd better write something.

Sometimes in politics, something happens to remind us all that we are more than just the parties we belong to. Something that reminds us of what we are - not just nationalists, socialists, conservatives, greens, or whatever else you identify yourself with, but human beings.

Bashir Ahmad's death and the reaction to it from across the parties is one of those things. It serves as one of those reminders. I confess, from time to time, I forget. I get so caught up in the combative nature of politics and the absolute belief that my party has got it right, that I forget that lots of these other people are good people too ~ we just disagree about how to make our country a better place for our people to live.

I doubt Bashir ever forgot that. I know I can't do him justice in this - maybe one day but right now it's too raw. All I will say is that he was a lovely man. You'll read that over and over again and it's because it's true. He never once failed to make me smile because he was just such a kind, polite, funny man. I only ever heard him say good things about people whatever they believed. He even effortlessly tolerated people who didn't believe in Independence, Bashir's main raison d'etre.

I think that's why the response has been the same across the parties. Of course when a politician dies, all parties say nice things but you can see the difference here. Many different people came to the funeral and they were genuinely upset, I've seen posts on blogs eg there's one on Tartan Hero's blog from Stephen Purcell, Labour Leader in Glasgow, I've had some myself. Everyone is shocked and saddened by Bashir's passing away. Our political opponents will know how devastated we all are and they've been very kind about Bashir, and very respectful towards us - certainly in my personal experience.

As I said, it's a reminder that although I may believe in Independence and you may believe in the Union, we still hurt the same, we still love the same, and we still care the same. (I'm still right about Independence mind you.)
Bashir is pictured here during the Glasgow East by-election with John Mason, now MP and "Oscar" a Plaid Cymru Assembly Member.


Calum Cashley said...

"what's the word for a 5 fold increase again?"


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Alwyn ap Huw said...

The circumstances are so sad, but best wishes for your career as an MSP

Julie Hepburn said...

Anne - you know I think you're great:

Anonymous said...

Hi Indy,

Off topic but I have just read through "Planet Politics" of the stushie your "Images" blog of inside the Parly made in the public prints, and want to offer you my support.

Honestly some people want to get a life. More power to you. Margaret Curran of all people to complain! She represents the party that has just made it illegal to take pictures of the police or armed forces personell in the street and is responsible for the most draconian and intrusive "lack of privacy" suite of legislation in the world. No sense of fun there! Sour, sour people. Good on you showing them up to be the kill-joys they are.


Key bored warrior. said...

Rab, this will be the same Curran that so reeks of moral rectitude that she had to lie during the Glasgow East campaign that "she lived in the East End all her life," she needs to do a Liddell. She is a fully paid up member of the "intellectual vacum."

Good luck in all your endeavours Indy Gal. Your task is an honourable one, saving our nation from these self serving liars.