Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Fun quirky political cards and gifts for Christmas and beyond

I've been doing a number of different things since leaving parliament and it's been a real rollercoaster. Some of it's been worthwhile but not necessarily fun and I've been feeling the need to get creative again. So I've found something I love doing and I'm designing products to mark the Independence referendum. I've also branched out a wee bit into general political products and there will be a few more products to add shortly.

I'm obviously looking to earn some money from it but it's not going to make me rich so it's just as well that doing it makes me happy. I hope you enjoy the designs too. 

Here's the complete list of what I've got at the moment.

Greetings Cards (not just for Christmas)

Nelson Mandela inspirational Christmas card. 

Aye in 70 plus languages greetings card - can be used for any occasion.

Pandas for Indy - my favourite - Christmas Card!

Quirky couples' Christmas Card based on Fairytale of New York :-)

Calendars for 2014

My Magic Mug - can make all these British PMs disappear in seconds!

And finally, my magic mug. I can make the last few British PMs disappear and so can you! Find out how here!

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