Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How to make these British PMs disappear - it's magic!

Drink up and watch them disappear - and remind someone in Scotland what we have to do to make it happen for real!

Coming in a sturdy box and priced at 10.99 inc postage and packing, this is a great gift to anyone living in Scotland who might, as the message on the mug says, like to 'wave goodbye to these guys'! (The image shows Former PMs Gordon Brown, Tony Blair & John Major along with PM David Cameron and Deputy PM Nick Clegg.)
Just watch your friend's face as they pour in the hot liquid and suddenly the ordinary black mug is transformed, the black fades away and the image of the men who control or have controlled Scotland from London, appears.
The question on the mug is 'want to wave goodbye to these guys?'.
And if you do, the answer of course is on the reverse of the mug and it is to
'drink up and vote AYE' 

Explanation for those living outwith Scotland ....
If enough people vote AYE in Scotland's Independence referendum in September 2014, the guys on this mug will no longer be in charge of Scotland.
And if they drink up, the mug cools down, the black appears and the politicians will be covered up! So it really is as simple as 'drinking up and voting aye'.

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