Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pandas for Indy have their own Christmas card!

The perfect card for your loved ones who support Scotland's Independence. Just select the Pandas for Indy option in the paypal button to the right.

The No campaign have been peddling myths and sometimes downright laughable assertions about the doom and gloom that will be visited on Scotland if we vote Yes to Independence. They themselves call it Project Fear!

One of the "reasons" for voting no was that we might lose the two pandas currently residing in Edinburgh Zoo!

This card gives the pandas the opportunity to fight back! They have formed Pandas for Indy and they now want YOU to spread the word!

145cm x 145cm on quality 350gsm silk card, your Scottish friends will LOVE this unique card. It's 2.20 including postage. We can deliver personally to some areas of Glasgow if you're in a hurry - just email and ask sales@ayetoindependence.com.

We can also write the card and post it to the person of your choice. Just checkout then email us and tell us what you want to say and to whom. There is no extra cost for this.

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