Sunday, 31 August 2008

Get up off yer knees!

Call me churlish but I just can't be doing with these endless talent shows. They're full of folk who seem to lose all perspective and pin all their hopes on making their "dream come true" by winning. I think I've watched about 3 hours of TV this month and most of it's been rubbish. I just switched over there to see "Only Men Aloud" win that choir contest on the BBC. Last Choir Standing it's called - except one of the men nearly wasn't standing when they announced that as winners, they would be "by royal appointment" (just to sound even more pompous) performing at the Royal Variety Show in front of the queen. This grown man nearly burst into tears, his legs appeared to buckle under him and he did that fake shake thing, you know, the pretending to tremble act, and was almost overcome with emotion. Please! I don't mean to keep knocking the queen and her clan but honestly, what is the big deal? By all means celebrate your achievements but don't behave like it's a life or death matter and definitely don't imagine that the queen is any more important than anyone else in your audience. Republican rant over ...

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