Thursday, 14 August 2008

Restricted from blogging

Very little blogging happening on this blog this week I'm afraid. I've moved back to Glasgow but little access to the internet and I don't like to do it in work time. Not that there's been any shortage of things to blog about. Example, the opinion polls out this week which, if replicated, would see every single one of the Labour Leadership candidates lose their seats at the next election. That put a smile on my face at least. A sad story in Port Glasgow of an 18 year old boy losing his life on a motorbike. My niece actually saw the accident and I think the boy was not wearing a helmet. Absolutely tragic, what more is there to say? I also visited an alcohol rehab unit in Greenock which is facing closure and I met some very impressive people there. If I don't have time to blog on it this week I will certainly do so in the near future because it really got me thinking. And finally I had a meeting with John Loughton from fairbridge Scotland only to discover it was ThE John Loughton of Big Brother fame. Anyway so much to say and so little time online so it will all have to wait. I'm off to Ireland in the morning, away for nearly a week. I'll try to update but I don't think there will be many wifi cafes in Gortahork :-)

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