Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Hoy! Chris wants to represent Scotland

It's not often I'll link to anything in the Daily Record but seeing as their article here has allowed me to think good thoughts about Olympic Champion Chris Hoy, I'll make an exception. I was mad as hell when I read that he described the idea of a Scottish Olympic Team as "ridiculous". I won't tell you what I said about it but I will share my 16 year old niece's response. She was furious and decided there was only one thing for it - she'd have to learn to ride a bike and beat him ("into the ground" apparently) at the next Olympics. Revenge indeed. But there's no need now because he said the point he was making was that there wasn't the sporting infrastructure in place at the moment in Scotland but that he would love to be part of a Scottish team. You're off the hook Chris, I'll stop snarling and Christie will leave the way clear for more medals from you!

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