Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Introducing ... the next leader of Glasgow City Council

Huge congratulations to my very good friend James Dornan, who yesterday was elected as the SNP Council Group Leader in Glasgow. He will make a fantastic Leader of the Opposition and I'm delighted to see him getting some recognition at last for his many skills. The post was vacated of course by John Mason, the new MP for the East End of Glasgow. We are very fortunate in the SNP in Glasgow in that we have a very talented and committed group of councillors. An observer at the hustings last week reckoned he would struggle to choose between the 4 candidates - James himself, Alex Dingwall, Alison Hunter and Cllr Tartan Hero Grant Thoms. The word was that they all gave excellent speeches and had great ideas for the future development of the group. I chaired the meeting yesterday and every one of the candidates congratulated James Dornan warmly. With a team like that and a leader like James Dornan, we can't go wrong!

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