Sunday, 17 August 2008

Heatwave in Donegal

I am currently on holiday in Ireland and as I’m heading from Belfast to Donegal tomorrow for a few days, I thought I’d check the weather forecast. I wondered if it might perhaps be a little less wet in the Republic. Today in Belfast was bloody wet! So wet the roads flooded and the tour bus I was sitting on the top deck of (you’ve got to get into the spirit of these things haven’t you?) got stranded in the floods!!!

Anyway I live in hope of better weather so I googled “Donegal weather forecast” and was ecstatic to discover I should expect sunny days with temperature highs of 27 degrees. Result! Except … who’s ever heard of Donegal in Pennsylvania? Two Donegals? Why?! A quick re-google was to discover the highs are in fact going to be few and only 12 degrees. Hope the pubs are good!


joe90 said...

One of my obscure pet theories
is that Donegal and Caledonia are inversely related, ie -
Donegal = Dun na Gall
Caledonian = Gall na Dun

Have a nice holiday - I wish it was me.

all the best IiE!

Indygal said...

Hmmm, interesting theory you've got there lol. Had a brilliant time. Donegal I loved!