Sunday, 14 December 2008

Chris Hoy - BBC Sports Personality of the Year!!

Brilliant, fantastic news. I lost my voice over the weekend, think perhaps I've just lost it again but very very happy to watch Chris Hoy getting his award. Well deserved, he's a brilliant advert for Scotland!


Anonymous said...

He’s a brilliant advert for Scotland within Britain!

“Scotland is part of Britain, they are not mutually exclusive; I'm a proud Scot and I'm a very proud Brit as well.” - Chris Hoy

Indygal said...

Good for him and good for you too Scottish Unionist, I am very happy for your pride in Britain. I don't share it, I don't share his, I don't begrude you yours though.

Anonymous said...

Well, you would say that! ;-)

Anyway, I'm pleased to note that you don't fit Iain Martin's caricature in yesterday's Telegraph:

“Hoy is a Unionist and has Salmond's number. He declines to dance to the First Minister's tune and his victory will be cursed by Nats (if we're lucky some of them will be along on here later fuming about the iniquity of a great Scot accepting a British award.)”

joe90 kane said...

He’s a brilliant advert for Scotland within Britain!
- Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine and Lebanon where Britian has, and is, engaged in committing major war crimes atrocities against their innocent defenceless populations.
These aren't brilliant adverts for following our orders from Washington, via London.

I see the Scottish Unionist still hasn't included the most important flag to their icon, that of America.
After all, the Yanks are the ones who own and who give British Unionists their orders.

I am pleased to say you are a perfect caricature, to be found in any pro-Brit blatt (are there any other kind?).

A brilliant example of Britian's role within the American Empire - who knows, maybe even Britian will get their independence one day, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. You're wildly off-topic, but I'll play ball if Indygal will indulge it.

Let's look at Iraq. From the MoD website:

"UK military operations in Iraq are being conducted under the name 'Operation TELIC'. We operate as part of a coalition called the Multi-National Force - Iraq (MNF-I) alongside troops from 23 other nations. The coalition remains at the formal request of the Iraqi Government, under a mandate from the United Nations, as set out in United Nations Security Council Resolution 1790."

So who do you think is sanctioning your imagined "war crimes" and "atrocities"?

Indygal said...

Being very indulgent by nature, I'm happy to let you slug it out. Got to say, Joe90Kane's got a point there ... but then, I would say that :-)

joe90 kane said...

...You're wildly off-topic...
- Well, you were talking about caricatures and you are a typical Brit propagandist caricature.

As far as British support and apologetics for war crimes is concerned, the US got no mandate from the UN to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

Both attacks were illegal acts of of 'unprovoked aggression'. The supreme crime as defined by the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal, post-WW II.

Under any UN resolution it is the UN who is supposed to be in command of military operations in the field, which it isn't. So the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are not a UN operation but are, in effect, a US military occupation.

By the way,
where is all the illegal Iraqi WMD then?
That was why you unionists illegaly attacked Iraq in the first place.

According Blair's lies, and the rest of the British establishment, Britian was 45 minutes away from being attacked by the Iraqi dictator Saddam!

As for Saddam,
you'll not recall this but he used to be supported by the British Government. Indeed, many British Government Ministers went visiting him giving him lots of British taxpayer-subsidised export credit guarantees, just as long as he used it to buy British-made WMD and subsidise the British merchants of death industry.

Currently British Government's Ministry of Propaganda, the BBC, is claiming the existence of a British Terror Heartland but, wait for it, it is on the Afghan-Pakistan border!
British Terror Heartland
18 Dec 2008

Our terror heartland is half a world away. Just like Saddam and his WMD. We are all supposed to cringe in fear for our lives under our beds here in Scotland, for fear that the Asiatic hordes are going to come and attack us in our sleep!
You couldn't make it up - well you can if your the British establismnet. They do it as a matter of pure routine.

Afghanistan was never a threat to anyone and neither was Iraq - until the brave Bush and his poodle Blair committed war crimes against them and as everyone knows (especially British intelligency and security agencies) war crimes are the source of the vast majority of terrorism in the world.
Blair Admits Terrorist “Blowback”
by David Morrison
05 July 2007

Wouldn't Britian be better off, and a lot safer, if it was independent of the American Empire - or do you think Britian is better off following its American orders?

Same with Britian's so-called 'independent nuclear deterent' which is completely dependent on America for it to work properly.
Yes, isn't it wonderful being a part of Britian, with its fully independent sovereign government and coporate news media.