Saturday, 20 December 2008

Support Scottish Football

Here I am pictured with Craig Brown on the day he launched his Scottish Parliament petition against forcing Scotland's football team OUT of the Olympics and making us play as Team GB!
Craig Brown is one of my favourite people, he was manager of the Scotland team when I was a member of the Tartan Army and went to every single home game.
He also wrote a story for a book I published many years ago and came along to the launch of it. I was telling him that I still have the photos of him with Fran n Anna!! And I've promised to look them out for him. I've also promised to send him the link to this blog piece so I will just finish off by saying what a great guy he is and what a brilliant manager he was for our country :-)
Good luck with the petition Craig and if any of you would like to sign it you can do so here!


sm said...

nice blog . like your style of writing good pics.

see you later

joe90 kane said...

your link to the e-petition is a bit skew-whiff.

Here it is -
Great Britain Football Team
Raised by: Craig Brown on 17 December 2008
Public Petitions Committee: e-Petitions
Parlamaid na h-Alba

all the best!

A GB football team is an abomination!

joe90 kane said...

Apolgies for serial commenting,
but this is what happens when a country doesn't have it's own sovereignty.

Our fate is decided by people and organisations who have no interest or connections to Scotland and decisions are made about our future, of which we have no influence or involvement in -
GB football team gets Fifa assent
BBC Sport
20 Dec 2008

I can understand the Brits ignoring the Scots as that is part of the legacy of their imperial selfish egotism, but FIFA has absolutely no rights in this matter.

To think it was the Scots that bailed FIFA out of possible bankrupcy back in 1958 as well!

all the best IG!