Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Thank God the adverts will stop now - oh and Merry Christmas everyone!

Not a great deal happening politically right now so I guess I can pack up the blog for a day or so and go and do the holiday thing! Myself and my friend Eric have decided it's best if Christmas comes but once every THREE years from now on. We are but two so it's not likely we'll win that argument. Might as well just get on and enjoy it I guess.

I do like carol singing and last night after the clan (well, 15 of us) went out for a family lunch, we went back to my mum's and sang every carol we could remember. Plus a few we couldn't but hey, you can make these things up. My cousin's wife Ann who's from Thailand pulled quite a few faces as we tried to identify how many lords a leaping, etc. Anyway it was fun.

I like having time off work and this time I've got a list of things to do when I find myself staring into space unable to cope with the boredom. I've got books to read, European campaign plans to make, writing projects, films to watch and fitness to gain!

The best thing about Christmas being over is the fact that these irritating TV ads will stop. What about that one with the guy almost whispering "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" from the start of October? Now I don't mind it the WEEK of Christmas but before then?

Top of my list of hated TV ads is the one for Somerfield. The woman who refuses help from the delightful shop assistant (has anyone ever offered you help in Somerfield - no me neither?!). Anyway she doesn't need help because "John's here"!.

She then sends John off to get the drinks. On his return he confesses he forgot the tonic water. Roll of the woman's eyes - make eye contact with the female assistant - "what are they like?" the wife says of the husband. That of course means "what are men like?" because as we all know, girls, we'd NEVER forget anything, being the superior sex. And men? Well they're ALL too stupid to remember everything on that list you made up for them. What ARE they like? What are the advert makers like?!

Anyway, off out tonight, then going down to stay at my mum's, will be tucked up before midnight in case Santa finds out. Or is it Wee Willie Winkie who grasses you up? Well, whoever it is, better not let him catch me. Have a great Christmas and if I think of anything else to moan about I'll let you know!

PS Pic is from the said clan day out!

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Jules said...

Hahaha. I really don't miss those awful Christmas ads. Especially the ones about perfume with lots of dramatic music and eye make up and pouting models.