Thursday, 11 December 2008

Is this a dagger I see before me?

Somebody once told me I had a "cartoon mentality". He was referring to my ability to imagine the unimagineable. For example I used to organise sponsored abseil events but I refused to do it myself because I feared someone tip-toeing across the roof from which I was abseiling and cutting the rope with a giant pair of scissors. Well, it COULD happen. Just look at this guy's "lucky" escape and if you can't be bothered reading it, a stage actor in Vienna was loudly applauded by the audience for cutting his own throat so convincingly. The reason it was so convincing is because the kid on knife had been mysteriously replaced by a newly bought, sharp as a ... well, a knife really ... KNIFE!

So that's YET ANOTHER thing I have to remember - never to accept a role where I have to pretend to stab myself. Someone might tiptoe over and ... you see! It's not a cartoon mentality, it's just being realistic.

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