Thursday, 11 December 2008

First class socialists

I'll be interested to see what Labour MSPs had to say in this morning's Labour sponsored debate on the Scotrail franchise. I wonder if they'll make reference to our less than brilliant train service from Glasgow to Edinburgh. I'll be even more interested to see if Wendy Alexander, Pauline McNeill, Ken McIntosh or Patricia Ferguson commented.

And if so, I'd love to know if they talked about how awful it is to be stuck in comfy seats drinking coffee and eating buns in their first class compartment at the taxpayers' expense. I do remember reading this article a while back and laughing at the hypocrisy of the one time socialists but last night seeing three of them turn their backs on the common people and huddle together in their cosy wee 1st class carriage, didn't make me laugh, it just really just ticked me off.

I understand that, on occasion, you can't get a seat in the commoners' carriage and you can't be bothered standing all the way so you might upgrade. I also understand if you've work to do on the train, sometimes it may be easier to work in first class.

I work for an MSP who, twice to my knowledge, has needed to read through committee papers and so has upgraded to 1st class. But he's PAID FOR IT HIMSELF! These Labour MSPs buy (with our money) books of 1st class tickets, clearly planning not to mix with the great unwashed. The MSP I work for quite often comes back to the office with an issue or a constituency case that he's picked up from chatting to folk on the train.

None of these guys are likely to do that in 1st class and I guess that's what it's all about. Avoiding folk who might want you to represent their interests. Out of touch indeed!

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