Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Breaking news - Tommy and Gail Sheridan to stand trial

It's just been announced that both Tommy and Gail Sheridan will stand trial for perjury later this year. An indictment was served on them earlier today. Few folk know if they're guilty or innocent, I certainly don't so there's no point in speculating on that. All I'll say is that if they are guilty, it's an absolute tragedy for them and their little girl because there's a high chance they'll get a jail sentence. I hope for their sake that they're not guilty, I really do but if they are, it's a lesson for anyone who believes they are above the law and can outwit us all. Am pretty sure if their trials were televised the viewing figures would be higher than even the recent Celebrity Big Brother in which Tommy starred!


Stuart Winton said...

I suppose the calculation of people who lie in court is that they know that they won't face perjury charges and a possible jail sentence as a consequence!

Unless, of course, they're Tommy and Gail Sheridan!!

Indygal said...

I think it takes a certain arrogance to commit perjury. You have to be pretty sure of yourself and your ability to outwit everyone else OR you have to be able to delude yourself that you're right. I don't know if either of them or the other 5 who are facing court are guilty or innocent - I don't know if they're guilty but think they're innocent. I think you might be suggesting that they're being singled out because of who they are. Not sure about that. I don't have figures on how many folk get charged with perjury. Maybe the procurators fiscal felt because it had been such a high profile case they had to proceed. I suppose part of the decision making is about the signals it sends to the rest of us. If you're Joe Bloggs and nobody knows who you are then no-one will know if they've "let you off the hook" but if they do the same with the Sheridans, the whole country knows ~ and thinks they can do the same. I'm not making comment on whether or not that's right, I'm just offering it as a possible reason why they're being treated differently - which is what I think you're suggesting. Anyway this comment's longer than the post itself was by now!