Saturday, 24 January 2009


Well congratulations to Ulrika Jonsson for winning Celebrity Big Brother even though she cost me a fiver. When it got to the final 3 I bet a fiver that Terry would win. I was happy for UJ to win though because I got fed up with the silly boys in the house going on about her being bossy. She's not bossy, she's just an organiser and if folk sit about faffing about all day, what's she supposed to do - I feel your pain Ulrika!

Anyway, the headline NiCOOLIO Sturgeon :-) ... I'm outing Nicola, the Deputy First Minister of this country, as a Coolio fan! Now to be fair I know she tried hard not to watch Celebrity Big Brother. In fact the night it started she had a party for her neighbours and couldn't watch so I texted to confirm that Tommy Sheridan was, indeed, going in! She told me she would watch one episode and that would be that!

Hmmmmm. Fast forward a couple of weeks and she likes Ulrika, quite likes Terry, still can't believe Tommy is doing it and .... loves Coolio! I even heard she was spotted in parliament the other day wearing a bandana and singing "been spending most my life living in a nationalist paradise". Not totally convinced that's true.


Rot Weiss said...

I thought it was pretty sad for the UK and reality TV that Ulrika won.

What happened to the nice person winning? Shouldn't bravery, honesty and kindness be rewarded. sems not. Either the British public have turned into strange beasts or the polling was rigged. Either way, it could be the end for Reality TV.

Indygal said...

Dave, why do you think Ulrika is not brave, honest or kind? And who should have won?

Rot Weiss said...

Inside the house she moaned and complained. She seemed to take herself way too seriously and appeared to want to be the centre of attention.

I also noticed she took pleasure in other people's evictions and to top it all she declared at the start 'this was going to kill her' as though earning nearly a quarter of a million pounds for staying in a TV studio for a couple of weeks was akin to spending time in a concentration camp.

It's not her fault she won and I've nothing against her but her victory saddens me.