Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sri Lankan Anniversary

Exactly a year ago today, I left to spend three months working in Sri Lanka, the furthest I had every been, the longest I'd be away. As anyone who read my Sri Lankan blog knows it was the single most life changing experience I've ever had. Perhaps that should be "me changing" rather than life changing seeing as I appear to still be living in Dennistoun, still doing much the same as I was doing before I left.

Rather than talk about it the experience here, I thought I might kill two birds with the one stone and direct you to a writing competition I've entered and for which I'd quite like some votes! I wrote about how Sri Lanka changed me and got the piece in ON the deadline but the one thing I've not done is pitch for votes. I keep getting emails from the competition runners telling me to get it on facebook, email to all my friends, get my vote out! I suspect the fact that I haven't done that means I'm not going to win. But it would still be nice to get a vote or two. Or you could vote for the article about composting with earth worms!!
PS Pic is me with my friend Muna's little boy Aatif, one of the few babies who wasn't scared of me!


james e. said...

"Huge crowds have taken to the streets in France to protest over the handling of the economic crisis, causing disruption to rail and air services.....In Marseille, organisers and the authorities disagreed, with the former putting the number of demonstrators at 300,000 but the police estimating 24,000 had taken part."

someone's telling lies!

..think this is going to be the year of the streets.
banks collapse;
businesses default;
redundancies rain.

thank God i've got no savings or I would have none.

(posting away from the traffic of commented on posts!)
gotta write some it bout Lanka...)

Indygal said...

I've been on dozens of demos james and the polis always deliberately under-report the numbers. At a relatively small demo I counted everyone and there were 600 plus folk. Police said less than 200.

I always knew there was method in my no savings, no pension madness!

Interesting times. Yes, do write, will be the perfect antidote to my waxing lyrical about it. Going back this year! :-)