Saturday, 3 January 2009

Equal treatment for all fraudsters!

Today is my last day of freedom. What I mean is I'm back into the fray on Monday and tomorrow, helping my mum with her move to the new flat so everything I'd planned to do in my time off, has to be completed today! All of that preamble is simply to excuse myself for confessing that I watched a little bit of the live coverage of Big Brother today. I was racing about all day trying to get organised so I needed something mind numbing! Anyway ...

Tommy Sheridan as we all know and as I predicted (OK HEARD) is one of the housemates and today he was banging on about something that drives me mad too. And that is the difference in attitude towards rich and poor when it comes to committing crimes. I believe absolutely in obeying the law and I'm not excusing anyone but it is true that the more money you have the more likely you are to get away with it.

Worse still, the less money you have, the more likely you are to be pursued and to illustrate this point I always use this example which is exactly the one Tommy used. We've all seen the ads on TV "do you know someone who is committing benefit fraud?" ("do you know someone who can't bear not to be able to buy their kids new shoes and so is doing a bit of work on the side?") followed by "if so, shop them because they're bad bad people"! Again, I'm not condoning any crime but how come you never hear "do you know any rich businessmen committing tax fraud and lining their pockets will thousands, perhaps millions because .... well, because they're greedy?"?

Equality, that's all I'm asking for. Equality for fraudsters rich and poor. Right, back to my list, only 7 hours left to complete the tasks - I feel like I'm on Big Brother!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Indy,

I couldn't agree more with your sentiments and am absolutely amazed that there have been so few repercussions (hardly even any talk of there being repercussions) for the American "bankers" who packaged all those duff loans and sold them off round the world.

Compare that with the extradition of British citizens for "trial" for "fraud" in America after having committed no crime here.

Something stinks in the Blair / Brown version of Britain. But don't worry too much, we pay one way or the other.

Happy New Year.