Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Well worth homecoming for ....

On Sunday evening I went along to George Square with my sister, her old man and my niece and nephew. We went to see Burns Illuminated and as you can see from the photo, it was spectacular - the projection artist for this was Ross Ashton. I'll start off with my one criticism (before I tell you everything that was wonderful about it. And I only make this criticism because there was something very obvious missing. It was on from just before 6 till after 8pm on a cold, dark, January night in Glasgow and nowhere could you buy even a hot drink! Christie who's now 16 was reminding me of the time I took her and her brother to Germany in winter and we drank hot gluwein (her's was not wine, it was hot apple juice). It was a freezing cold night (not exactly unexpected) and became almost painful. The result was that loads of folk went off to the chippie and I doubt they were really that hungry, probably just wanted to heat up. (Not me, saint that I was!) A hot cup of tea or coffee would have been lovely.

Anyway that aside, the events team put on a fantastic show and I loved every minute of it. It was a fitting start to Glasgow's contribution to Homecoming Scotland. As you can see the illuminations were spectacular and we had a toast to Scotland, a recitation of Tae a Moose, the story of Burns' life, Michelle McManus who was better than I expected and sang Wild Mountain Thyme, thus getting into my good books, the Skye Pipe Band and the piece de la resistance the WONDERFUL RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS - if you've not seen them, do!

It was finished off with a stunning firework display - having said that I'm a firework fanatic and a little firecracker is normally enough to get me excited but judging by the faces on Sunday night, I wasn't the only one. It was definitely a job well done and a great birthday party for the Ploughman Poet!

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