Saturday, 31 January 2009

Cool Cats

I love this story about the cat who went missing from Bearsden near Glasgow two years ago and turned up in Millport the other day!! How he got onto an island with nobody noticing is a mystery but cats are like that. I had a cat called .... well to be honest he had a few names. We called him Puss, the neighbours thought we were saying Bruce and my Granny Purdie called him Corky - simply because she preferred that name! I might scan in a pic later because he was a handsome brute of a cat! He was also as weird as most cats I've ever known.

When he was about 2 years old, we lived in the Calton in the East End of Glasgow. One day we went out to go to the shops and there was Puss, holding court atop a Vauxhall Corsa with around 8 other cats on the roadside gazing up and holding onto his every word!

We approached with words like "oh, cute little Puss, aren't you handsome up there?". Actually I can't remember what we said, I'm making it up as an excuse for his response. He looked absolutely horrified. In fact he personified the Glasgow expression of being "pure mortified"! He shrunk away and there was no recognition in his eyes. It was hilarious. We didn't think so at the time but with hindsight it was very funny - he was behaving like a teenager who can't believe his parents are embarrassing him by talking to him when he's trying to act cool with his mates! AND he went in the huffs with us all night when he finally did come home.

There is no political message here, I just really liked the other cat story and felt like reminiscing.

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