Wednesday, 17 September 2008

EVEN Joyce has had enough!

No sooner had I called David Cairns Labour's biggest apologist in yesterday's blog, when a rival for that title was rumoured to be quitting the government too. Step forward Major Eric Joyce, described by one newspaper as "super loyal". Yes that's one way of putting it. Weasel is another. Watching the Labour Government is like watching a deck of cards fall down. Gordon Brown in his written response to David (LAPDOG) Cairns yesterday said it was a time to be looking at the global economy, not internal wrangling. I agree but unfortunately it doesn't look like the internal wrangling is going to go away. So if we want the British Government to concentrate on the effect the world's economic problems are having on us, he is going to have to stop all the internal stuff by resigning. My money's on him going 5 days after the end of Labour's conference.

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