Sunday, 14 September 2008

Name your country Iain Gray

Watching the Politics Show and Iain Gray, the new leader of the Labour Party (MSPs only) in Scotland, has just defined his role as it fits with the role of Gordon Brown. Iain Gray is the leader of Scottish Labour (MSPs only) whilst Gordon Brown is the leader of:

"The whole country"!

The whole country I'm guessing is the UK so that'll make Scotland a region of that whole country then? Glad the new Labour leader has cleared that one up for us!


Anonymous said...

Are the Labour party too scared to publish what the turnout and voting figures (not percentages) were for the Scottish Labour leadership contest?

DG said...

Well, as you can see from the Number 10 website, Labour hold that Scotland is a "country within a country". Which I think rather strange usage: country anywhere other than the UK clearly means a sovereign state or external territory. What is the case is that the United Kingdom is definitely a country.

Saying that the UK is a country clearly doesn't suggest Scotland is anything in particular. That's quite simply a logical fallacy.

Plenty of people call it a nation on the basis of its culture and so forth. But yes, in addition to all the other things it may be, Scotland most certainly is a region both in common definition, and in official usage as an European parliamentary electoral region. Any other conclusion is, frankly, ridiculous.