Saturday, 13 September 2008

How many comeback tours can one blogger have?

Ah it's been a while. How have you been? I've been fine, just not had time to breathe far less blog recently so apologies for that particularly to the 50 folk who are still checking every day. Hopefully the others will come back soon. Anyway thanks for sticking with me.

To be honest I've been a bit bored with politics recently except for the odd thing that's interested me including Nicola Sturgeon's decision to stop car park charges at Scotland's hospitals. Her statement about it interested me as much as the decision itself. She said something like "people visiting hospital have enough stress to be contending with without having to find money for car parking".

That's what I like about Nicola, she understands ordinary people and how stressful their lives can be - very different to some politicians who've become very far removed from the rest of us. I had to laugh at all the Labour politicians jumping up and down claiming they'd beaten the SNP government into submission over this one. They were the ones who allowed it to happen in the first place. Laugh? I nearly split my sides open.

Anyway so that and one or two other things aside, I have been a bit bored with politics. It may be because it seems to have taken over my life again. I'm working for two MSPs during the day and by-election at night and weekends. I love all of it but just wish there was a bit less of it. However needs must.

And at last, something has arrived to arouse my interest in blogging again. To find out what, read on ....

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