Wednesday, 17 September 2008

This Charming Woman

I was out in Baillieston tonight delivering letters up to the 11th hour - or 9pm to be precise. Anyway I was with the child who is trying to adopt me and when we came across some Tory leafletters he asked them for a copy of their leaflet. When I read what the Tory candidate had to say, I'm afraid I felt compelled to go back and question him.

Apparently this Conservative council candidate pledges, if elected, to:

"cut council tax for everyone by £150 a year".

So I asked him how he was going to do that by getting elected to Glasgow City Council. "It's our party policy" he replied. "Yes but how exactly is electing YOU going to bring about that policy?" I continued. "It's party policy" he repeats - imaginatively I thought! "It's misleading" I tell him "seeing as you'd have to be in power to do it and it's the kind of thing that stops people trusting politicians". "Well if you don't like it complain" is his helpful response.

I might just do that. I had to laugh when, as I walked away, I heard him say "usual charming SNP". It's not my job to be charming to people I believe to be disingenuous, in fact it's my (self appointed) role to give them a good telling off about it as he discovered tonight :-)

To be serious, I could have done without speaking to this guy tonight but I hate people trying to con the voters and seeing as politics is not a hobby to me but something far more important, I'm not going to be polite and tut tut quietly to myself when I can tell the main culprit what I think of him!

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