Monday, 15 September 2008

That was the day that was ...

Quick look at today's news:

* East Dunbartonshire woman has admitted claiming benefits for 14 children she didn't have. The very kind of person who causes problems for the vast majority of decent law abiding benefit claimants - but how stupid is the Benefits Agency? Don't you have to prove you have these children?

* Lehman Brothers the 4th largest investment bank in the USA files for bankruptcy. Shocking news and I think the world will be holding its breath to see what the effect will be to an already fragile global economy. And given our own financial sector in Scotland generates around £7 billion per annum and employs 200,000, how will Scotland fare?

* In Zimbabwe, the MDC's Morgan Tsvangirai has signed a power-sharing deal with the President Robert Mugabe. The world will be watching, again with baited breath, to see if it actually works but let's all pray / keep our fingers crossed that it does. Zimbabwe has suffered enough.

Anyway that's my newsround for the day. Too tired to blog in detail but too much going on to say nothing at all.

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