Saturday, 13 September 2008

Iain Gray is the new Labour Leader - haud me back!

So what is it that's kickstarted my interest? Why the Labour Leadership contest of course. How I celebrated when I heard Iain Gray had won. Not that I saw either of the other two as much of a threat but certainly if I'd had a vote I'd have gone for Iain Gray as the one least likely to be a match for Salmond. (And the one rated by only 3% of respondents to be the best leader for Scotland. Iain Gray 3%: Alex Salmond 41%.)

Of course I didn't have a vote because I'm a member of the SNP. Oops, what am I saying? It's not just Labour members who got to vote in this, there were many more eligible to vote including THREE SNP MSPs!!!

Interesting to note the new Leader's acceptance speech, much of which was devoted to the SNP and in particular Alex Salmond. They're obsessed! But apart from that, it was hilarious to hear Iain Gray try to portray Salmond as one of the privileged elite to his internationalist working class hero act. Yeah right. Nice try Iain but nobody's falling for that one. Next ... !

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