Friday, 26 September 2008

No resting on our laurels

Not been blogging much this week and now I'm off to Glenrothes for a well earned holiday - ha ha ha - sorry, I meant to say, for a weekend of campaigning! Looks like we have a date, 6 November. I have to say, if the Labour Party spin doctors thought their "oh so transparent" attempts to derail our campaign by putting out all these "poor us, we've already lost it", "oh look we're the underdogs now - it's safe to vote for us please please please" lines to the press, would succeed (you know, let us think we've won and we'll all become complacent) .... they were wrong! Bear in mind the Glaswegian contingent is nearly two hours away from the scene of the latest battle. PLUS we've been in constant by election mode since the end of June what with the Glasgow East Campaign (big smiles) and then the subsequent Glasgow Baillieston council campaign (more big smiles) and we're all absolutely exhausted. Then you factor in the fact that a bus load of us went up last Saturday just two days after collapsing in heaps when we won the Baillieston by election.

And still ... there are 10 of us heading up now to spend the whole weekend there (whose idea was this?) and ANOTHER FULL BUS LOAD on SATURDAY. I'd say there are no nationalists left who understand the meaning of the word complacency. Nope we're on a roll and we're on fire and determined to earn every single vote we can from the good folk of Fife. So, with that in mind I better go or I'll miss the bus.


Mike Smith said...

6 November? More fireworks for Labour then! Roll on Independence Day...

Really enjoy your blog.

Best wishes

Mike Smith

Indygal said...

Thanks very much Mike, I might just start writing it properly now. Appreciate your comments. A