Saturday, 8 November 2008

Even the monks were laughing at me!

So, I headed along to the Annual Kathina Cermony at the Buddhist Vihara (temple) in Maryhill today and they couldn't have made us more welcome. I went along with Bob (Doris - mate, MSP and employer) and Mary who is responsible for me having gone to Sri Lanka to work earlier this year. For the two of us it was pretty special because we're both really missing Sri Lanka and the people so to be in a buddhist temple taking part in the ceremony, eating Sri Lankan food and meeting lots of new people was great. I was thrilled when they offered me a blessing and after tying the string round my wrist, the Venerable Rewatha translated what had been said. When he told me all my dreams and wishes would now come true, I got a little bit excited and found myself exclaiming "YES" and sticking my thumbs up in a John Mason fashion! It's all about getting caught up in the moment and I certainly do that! (Don't ever go to the cinema with me, I always forget it's not real!) Anyway it was a much lovelier way to spend a Saturday than getting soaked in Cardendendenden or whatever it's called :-)
More photos of the ceremony are here.

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