Saturday, 1 November 2008

Final Saturday in Glenrothes

Off to Glenrothes shortly for the last Saturday of campaigning and really looking forward to it. Of course I'm looking forward to getting my life back when it's all over but I've really enjoyed this by-election. And today should be fun. The SNP has around 1000 members heading to the constituency right now and apparently the Labour Party has coachloads of Labour members coming up from England. Shame there's no such thing as doorstep subtitles because I'm not sure they'll be able to figure out the Fife accent! Still, it'll make for an interesting atmosphere.

In all the times I've been in Glenrothes campaigning I've only seen / met ONE Labour activist. That was Lindsay Roy, the candidate who seemed to be wandering up and down the road looking for someone, anyone :-) To be fair he seems like a nice enough man, thrust his hand into mine and said how nice it was to see me. He's obviously one of that breed of political activist who thinks we're all pals underneath.

My view of that is that this would be fine if it were a game we were playing and after 90 minutes we could shake hands and say cheerio. But it's not. It's about people's lives, it's about our country's future. So although I was polite to him, today I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he doesn't win and the people of Glenrothes DO - by electing Peter Grant as their next MP. Better go - I've told the Glasgow members not to be late for the bus, better not be late myself!


Stevie said...

Hi Indygal
I've been there a dozen times
and I've only seen 2 Labour activists!
Both yesterday in Glenrothes-
they were in good humour but totally lost, and we had to give them directions. Oh dear.

That was shortly before I was savaged by that big dog :(

Indygal said...

Oh dear, what a shame. I hope you gave them the correct directions Stevie lol!