Sunday, 9 November 2008

Listening Labour?

I've not read the Sunday papers yet but I'm hearing there's a story in the Scotland on Sunday that the British Labour Government will next week announce that it's ruling out ANY further powers for the Scottish Parliament. Surprised? No. Of course not.

Sir Kenneth Calman might be, mind you, seeing as the joint Unionist fop for the Scottish Government's National Conversation was the Calman Commission. And the Calman Commission was set up by the Brit government to have a "national conversation" with the people of Scotland about whether or not the Parliament should have any more powers and if so, what!

(They were not allowed, however, to discuss the option of full Independence. The reason? Well, like naughty children with tired parents who just can't be bothered explaining, we were told "because we say so"!)

Anyway this Calman Commission is not due to report back until next summer and already the decision has been made. If you're surprised at this, please, open your eyes, there was never going to be a proper debate about this. The Labour Government made the decision before setting up the Commission. Like I said, it was a fop for the SNP government's genuine discussion about the future of the country which is, after all, OURS!

As per usual the Labour Party are doing their Marie Antoinette with the people of Scotland. Give them an inch (and the good folk of Fife just gave them quite a few) and they'll be off running a marathon.

So it was and so it will always be ...

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