Sunday, 9 November 2008

X factor - can't help myself

Controversial decision to put Laura out of the X Factor but two things made me laugh. Apparently Holly Willoughby has appealed to the "Great British Public" to stop voting in the way that they are voting. "Something is going badly wrong, please stop it" she said! I wonder if I could go back to Glenrothes and just say "look guys, you got it wrong, please rectify next week"! They want to make their minds up these X factor producers - if they want people to stop voting for the singers they feel sorry for, STOP GIVING US SOB STORIES!!

The thing that made me laugh the most however was a comment somewhere (either I can't remember or I don't want you to know that I googled X factor result!) which said "the bottom two should have been Daniel and Mariah Carey"! Could not agree more - MC has to be the most over-rated soooperstar EVER! And I would bet my last penny that she did not get a single vote last night!

Anyway, Glenrothes by-election post to write, must stop getting distracted!

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Holyrood Patter said...

The tragic backstories culture on these shows is astounding. The girl that got kicked out last week was in the record last week "drawing strenght" from a relative in the black watch. Her Great Granda!