Friday, 3 October 2008

Come to Springburn SNP Richard

This is Richard Bache, one of the most organised organisers the SNP has ever had. He's pictured at the annual Race Night he organises for Govan Riverside SNP to raise funds for whatever campaign is being fought. He's done it for the last couple of years and I have to say he must be exhausted by the end of it because not only does he organise the entire evening and put in months of preparation but he makes the food. And here is where I really have to pay tribute to Richard. He is a vegan and all the meat eaters are always astonished to discover what a fantastic feast Richard puts together. It's a terrible thing but non veggies / vegans seem to believe if there's no meat, it will be tasteless. (My cousins at my sister's vegetarian wedding wanted to go for a sausage supper afterwards!) Anyway, nobody who's tasted Richard's cooking would ever describe it as tasteless, it's top knotch. And he raises more than £800 a night. I am writing this tribute in the hope that he'll realise Glasgow Springburn SNP is where he really wants to be - and then he can come and organise all of our events :-)

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