Thursday, 16 October 2008

It's SNP conference time again ...

It's with a mixture of excitement and dread that I approach the SNP Annual Conference which starts today and ends on Sunday. Excitement because I absolutely LOVE SNP conference:

seeing folk you've not seen for a year (except not this year due to myriad by-elections);

cameras flashing (they're never fast enough to catch me though ;-));

friends texting to tell you to stop pulling that funny face (when you didn't even know the TV cameras were there - disconcerting but funny)

getting up to speak in the political debates, the multitude of fringe meetings and the social life, the endless socialising.

I did say there was an element of dread didn't I? That's because I am sitting here, due to leave in ten minutes wondering if my feet will last the pace. Will my voice hold out (!)? Will I be able to cope with partying half the night and concentrating on the politics throughout the day? Course I will, I always do. But we'll all be needing a rest when we get back!

So, look out for us. I'm hoping to speak on asylum seekers, racism, class sizes, mothers in jail, the future of Europe and one or two other things besides. Can't wait!

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