Thursday, 30 October 2008

Will it be another STUPID WHITE MAN?

One of the (many) books I'm currently reading (I think I have an obsessive nature) is Michael Moore's Stupid White Men. It's a fascinating insight into the American Presidential Elections and how George Bush fraudulently stole the Presidency from Al Gore. As you read the book you realise you don't know half as much as you thought you did about the whole shocking episode. One example was when the supreme court (I think) ruled that yes, okay, if the votes were counted correctly and according to the law, Al Gore would have won but seeing as George Bush had already declared himself President, it would undermine confidence in him if they changed everything now! Eh?! In the countdown to the 2008 election between now and next Tuesday night, I might share some more little snippets with you. Some call it lazy blogging. I call it caring and sharing.


Caron said...

I love Michael Moore - he's very passionate and says exactly what he means.

Have you read his guide to this election? It has some gems in it.

Indygal said...

No, is it online or print? I might go get it. This book is hilarious!