Sunday, 5 October 2008

Life over at 16 and a half

Watching the repeat of the X Factor from last night and a wee boy waiting to hear if he's got through to the final 12, is crying. Asked why, he tells us it's the "biggest opportunity I've ever had in my life". Somebody please tell him that the majority of folk work their way up to big opportunities over a period of several years if not decades and even then it's rare to have an opportunity like he's got.

So ... enjoy it. Stop living in the future, live in the here and now and don't put all your emotional eggs in one basket! If this doesn't work out now, it might in the future and if not, something else will. I once made some comment on the blog about something similar and my sister emailed to suggest that I was describing myself and fellow members of the SNP. So before she does it again, let me just say, I would argue that the future of a nation and all of its people is a little more important than whether or not some kid gets to the final of a talent show. And therefore, a little more worth getting emotional about.

Why am I blogging about the X factor again???

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