Sunday, 5 October 2008

MSP for Motherwell, Wishaw AND Malawi

I shouldn't laugh really because it's seriously taking the p**** out of the constituents of Motherwell and Wishaw but ....

Jack McConnell is now to delay becoming the High Commissioner for Malawi, he says in this interesting (for lots of other reasons) article because his constituents have been phoning him asking him to stay. Yeah, well I'm sure if the rest of them had known that, they'd have been phoning asking him to book his flight asap.

I'm quite sure the good folk of Motherwell and Wishaw didn't realise this was one of those phone poll votes!

I think the reason I'm laughing is down to hysteria and relief that we've only got one parliamentary by-election to fight. I'm sure we've all aged ten years since June and I, for one, want a break.
Hysterical laughter aside, McConnell's now to be a special envoy to Africa. Plus he's to remain as MSP for Motherwell and Wishaw. So what I want to know is how much of his time is going to be spent NOT doing the job he's being paid to do ie representing the folk who have apparently been pleading with him not to leave them?

Of course we all know the real reason. The Labour Party cannot take the risk of losing to the SNP at yet another by-election. In particular Gordon Brown can't take the risk.
Gordon Brown, you're a CHICKEN ...!!!


Holyrood Patter said...

It's very interesting he is suddenly paying attention to his constituents, when he hasn't had a surgery for a year

joe90 said...

As one of his constituents I was going to pass some rather sarcastic remarks, especially about the local New Labour monstrosity known as 'Ravenscraig' -
- but this week's local headlines says it all -
£1 billion collapse at Ravenscraig?
Wishaw Press
08 Oct 2008

'Ravenscraig' is the code-name for New Labour's plan to destroy Motherwell and Wishaw town centres - that was before the housing and morgage markets collapsed, along with banks and lately the stock markets.

Another Scottish New Labour white elephant seems to be going the same way as their Chungwa Televison Tubes Factory, just across the way in sunny Coatbridge. It is currently undergoing reverse inward investment as I type,
ie this half billion pound New Labour success story is being demolished.