Sunday, 5 October 2008

There are SOME honourable members of parliament but only SOME

Here I am today with John Mason, Scotland's newest MP (yes, he's one of the hon MPs). I was at Central Station this afternoon with a big group of Saltire waving SNP members, to wish him well as he got on the train to go to his official affirmation as an MP in Westminster. We are all so proud of him for his tremendous victory and we thought it would be nice to give him a good send off.
"Nice" however is not how I would describe this little performance from Labour MP and former Deputy Prime Minister! Although I am reporting on it and was right next to Mr P when it happened, I have to confess I completely missed it. I was utterly oblivious to his presence. I heard our lot getting excited and wondered why. By the time I asked, Prescott was on the train and I'd missed him! "Probably just as well" offered one of our members by way of comfort - her reckoning being that I would not have been able to resist giving him a piece of my mind. Probably true. Particularly when everyone who did see him tells me that it was not a 2 fingered salute but a 1 fingered salute that he gave to our members!
Update - I love this post from Alison Thewliss where she captures the moments I managed to miss.

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Holyrood Patter said...

Please use ther term MP very loosely when referencing prescott. Man hasnt set foot in parliament for a year.