Saturday, 11 October 2008

I have a dream

Testing day today - got an eye test, a fitness test and then Scotland plays Norway!! Don't know what I'm more worried about but if I could have only one wish I think it would have to be for Scotland to win its big test today. Okay I'm cheating a bit because the eye test was this morning and I know I passed that. The fitness test - I think they test where you're at and then advise you how to get fitter, so there's no pass or fail. But this match today??? If we don't win, the chances of us getting through to the finals are almost zero. So it's definitely pass or fail for the boys today!

I thought I wouldn't have time to watch the game seeing as it's only on Sky and I've got loads to do in the house today but ... apparently I can watch it *here for free. This is "muy bien" as they say en Espagnol.

To get you in the mood why not watch this - it gets me very very excited and I almost forget it's not real, not even for the singer, he's only dreaming! But it gets you believing that getting to the finals need not be a mere fantasy for us anymore. Fingers crossed. Right I'm off for my fitness test ....

*I've since removed this link because I can't do it without downloading things and giving them my mobile number so not sure how genuine it is. Have to make do with radio :~(

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