Saturday, 14 June 2008

40 years of nuclear weapons on the Clyde

I'm off out to form a human chain round Faslane. Not by myself of course, my arms are not that long. I'm joining what I hope will be thousands of others linking arms around the main perimeter fence of the base to mark the 40th anniversary of nuclear weapons coming to the Clyde. It's also a protest against the British Government's plans to waste up to £75 billion on the "Trident replacement". Since returning from Sri Lanka, I've been staying at my mum's and she's just told me not to get involved in any trouble at Faslane and if any of my friends are causing trouble, I've to walk away. Mums - what would we do without them eh? All joking aside, I've been to many a protest at Faslane and NOT ONCE have I witnessed a single protestor causing trouble so I'm not expecting any today. I'll report back later, hopefully with photos.

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