Thursday, 26 June 2008

Henry McLeish says SNP "uncompromisingly Scottish"

I'm just listening to a discussion on the End of Year report for the SNP government on Politics Now and it's very interesting. Henry McLeish, one time Labour First Minister puts our success down to the fact that we are "uncompromisingly Scottish". Hmmm. Like France is uncompromisingly French. And Spain is uncompromisingly Spanish. Like normal countries you mean Henry? I know there's been much talk of Henry coming round to the idea of Independence and I'm beginning to wonder if it's a possibility. He went on to say that Alex Salmond stood up for Scotland and didn't have to "look over his shoulder for Westminster" thus acknowledging that the unionist parties will only ever be able to do, in Scotland, what the British government allows them to do. Which is precisely why we need an SNP government and more than anything, need our Independence.

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