Monday, 30 June 2008

Glasgow East Rumour no 2

Surely there's no truth in the rumour that Tommy Sheridan is planning to stand in the Glasgow East by election? Why would he do that? He knows he can't win. All he can do is take votes away from people who are currently thinking of voting SNP. And as the SNP is the only party with any hope of beating Labour, would he, the great convert to Independence for Scotland, not be better leaving the ego trip to another day? As I read the article in the Daily Record (online obviously) I was skimming it and saw this snippet:

"Labour insiders believe he could be the ideal candidate ..."!

For a second I thought they were referring to Sheridan. They weren't. But I bet you anything they're cock-a-hoop at the prospect.

There is no doubt in my mind that this by-election will be on 24 July. Labour are terrified of losing to the SNP so the sooner they have it, the harder it is for us to make the inroads required. That means it'll be a very close run thing and the more candidates there are, the more the votes are spread.

It will be a remarkable feat if the SNP runs Labour close - remarkable but forgettable. Victory is what we're aiming for and that's what people will remember when it comes to the Independence Referendum that Tommy's so keen to see - allegedly!


Karenisabitch said...

Hi KIAB here - not really something you want to add as a comment but only way to contact you. I really would like to urge you to consider throwing your hat into the ring for the by-election.

I think you would be a great candidate. Go for it IndyGal. Go girl!!

Indygal said...

Hi KIAB :-)

Thank you, really appreciate that. Would love to be a Glasgow by election candidate but didn't go for it because I'm really serious about Europe. But thanks for the vote of confidence :-)