Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Uranus Effect

Expect the unexpected - that's roughly what the Uranus effect is all about and my goodness, it's never ending! Latest news of course is that Wendy Alexander is to stand down as Labour Leader in Scotland. About time too. And I say this not because of the never ending row over non declaration of expenses - bad as it is, I'm bored with that now. I say it because much as she may have talents in other areas, being leader of a branch of a political party has proved not to be one of them. I was surprised, I imagine she would be too if she could acknowledge that she wasn't terribly effective instead of privately blaming other people all the time. As I say I was surprised, I thought she'd do a better job but she hasn't and she really ought to have gone long before now. Apart from anything else, if the leader of the opposition isn't up to the job, how can they possibly hold the government to account? And believe it or not, we WANT an effective opposition. Not that I imagine the SNP is ever in danger of becoming complacent as a government but the best way to prevent that is for the opposition to be scrutinising everything we do. As I say, the chances of resting on our laurels are very slim - the Labour Party in Scotland's decades long complacency is a shining example of how not to treat the voters! Anyway I'm off to take the Tartan Hero to the airport - what poor timing Grant! So, as I said last night, PLEASE no more news!

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