Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Thoroughly modern couple to tie the knot

Often there is competition between bloggers to get the scoop of the day but today I think I will definitely be first with this one. My good mates Aileen Campbell (pictured) and Fraser White (can't find a pic of him) are getting married! Aileen is of course the Scottish Parliament's youngest MSP at 28 and I was her political advisor for most of last year - it wasn't that she needed advice but I took a liking to the title :-)

So, today Aileen announced their engagement by text to all her mates and I immediately phoned her up to congratulate her / ask if she was joking / get the gen on how it all came about. I was very surprised to hear that Fraser had actually properly proposed - he's a brilliant guy, very funny, very good company but I'd have thought FAR too COOL to propose!

But no, he did the whole thing - even asking Aileen's father's permission (which is more than Aileen's ever done) before asking Aileen. I am happy to report however that his method of proposing was a pretty cool one. He sent Aileen a text with a photo of him down on bended knee! Unfortunately the text didn't reach her and he phoned her five times to ask if she'd received it yet before finally explaining why he was so anxious to know. THEN ... the text arrived. (I have incidentally checked that Aileen is happy for me to talk about this.)

Anyway I am very excited for both of them and can't wait for the wedding (which I've just invited myself to!!) particularly as one of Fraser's best mates is Bob from Franz Ferdinand - bet FF never thought they'd be wedding entertainers!

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