Saturday, 28 June 2008

COSLA sensationally backs Local Income Tax

Thanks to Glasgow SNP Councillor Kenny McLean for alerting me to this - the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities has sensationally voted to support the SNP policy of Local Income Tax. Brilliant news. As my footballing mates would say "get in there"! Labour of course, sour grapes as always, are saying that the decision "does not support the prevailing view among local authorities". Well, COSLA is the body which represents all local authorities so that can't be right. Their reasoning is that a number of councils weren't at the meeting today to vote on it. Was it a secret meeting? I don't think so. So if they chose not to be there I think we can take that as an abstention from the vote. The Labour Party just cannot accept democratic decisions, there's always some excuse as to why more and more people are seeing things the way the SNP sees them. Perhaps they should reflect a little on just why COSLA members are supporting the idea of citizens paying whatever they pay based on their income.

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