Sunday, 1 June 2008

Indygal returns to the world of Scottish politics!

I'm back! After three months away in Sri Lanka and a month recovering from the cold in Scotland, I have given into the nagging and I'm restarting the Indygal blog. I've moved to here because the design on the old site is so awful I can't look at it. But if you want to read any previous posts dating back to March 2007, you can do so here.

If you'd like to read about my personal journey working as a volunteer in Sri Lanka, the first developing country I'd ever visited, you can do so here.

What am I aiming to do with this new Indygal blog? Well, I'm an SNP activist and candidate - I'm standing for Europe in June 2009 and the following year I'll be standing for Westminster for Glasgow Springburn so the blog is primarily a political one.

However, I think the best way to get people interested in politics is to relate it to ordinary day to day life and that is exactly what I'll be doing. It's a mix of the personal and the political. "The right mix" according to the quote from Nicola Sturgeon on the title at the top. I appreciate the support and to repay that, I "let" Nicola be in my team last night at the Crossmyloof SNP Curry Quiz Night - won't be making that mistake again! As you can see from the photo, myself and Nicola's mum and dad were putting a brave face on it when we were narrowly beaten by a gang of councillors from Glasgow and Banff & Buchan!

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Lynn said...

I want to jump up and down and celebrate everything you have said here. Well done Anne keep up the good work! Love the picture too..