Monday, 23 June 2008

Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat

I can't remember whose quote that is but it's true - hard work harms nobody which is why, in the SNP, we never stop. And I do mean never! As one of the SNP's 7 European candidates, I have a responsibility to the whole of Scotland. We've an internal ranking vote coming up to decide which of the seven of us should be at the top of that list and therefore, who among us should be elected next June. So we're being invited at the moment to go along to branch meetings and do our pitch then answer questions. So far, there have been "hustings" (which is what we politicos call them) in Ochil, Glasgow, Dumfries and Lenzie and I've enjoyed all of them.
It's very important to me however that I don't spend the summer simply preaching to the converted and that's why I've been offering my services to constituencies across Scotland. After all, campaigning is what I do best and whatever the outcome of the internal matters, I want to know that I've spent my summer making progress on the campaign for a yes vote on the Independence referendum.
Glasgow South, whose Westminster candidate Malcolm (*SD) Fleming is pictured to my right, nearly bit my hand off when I offered. So Sunday afternoon, I was back up in Glasgow finding out what the people of Kennishead think about Independence. Can't give away too much info but we're all smiling aren't we?
*SD? Slave driver - we canvassed door to door for about 4 hours!

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Julie Hepburn said...

I spy the fantastic David Linden there too. He was through helping in Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East last week too. He's a star.

Yes, Anne, I know you have been through to help in Cumbernauld as well :o) Your hard work is much appreciated!