Friday, 13 June 2008

42 days detention

I couldn't let it pass without comment no matter how little time I have. The SNP's position on this is well documented so no need for me to regurgitate our press releases. I did, however, love this gem of a letter in today's Herald from Ruth Marr of Stirling:

"Will the person who left the top-secret papers on the train be locked up for 42 days pending further investigation?"

That was it - short but sweet.

My second thought: Am I the only one finding the Tories' position on the extension to 42 days hypocritical? Since when were they the guardians of civil liberties? And since when was David Davies the custodian of human rights?! I look forward to his campaign for the repeal of the Act of Settlement once he's won this particular battle for us ...

And the DUP? What's in it for them and isn't it shameful how easily some folk can be bought off. You DO NOT accept smarties in return for going back on your principles - at least no self respecting person does. I shook my head in disgust on Wednesday night when one of the DUP MPs was vox popped as he left the Commons. "Gordon Brown would have had a humiliating defeat had it not been for us" he declared, adding gleefully "but now, thanks to us he's had a humiliating victory"! Oh well, that's okay then - we can each of us be locked up for 42 days for no good reason now but at least GB looked a bit daft! Eejit.

On that note I'll leave you with a comment left on the Ealing Times website. You could interpret it a number of ways but I'll leave that up to you. It's from Stuart in W7, Lan-dahn!

"Don't blame the DUP, they're easily led; blame the SNP, Gordon knows his seat has gone if he calls an election!"

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