Friday, 20 June 2008

"They may take our lives ..."

Heading to Stirling tomorrow for the annual march and commemoration of the Battle of Bannockburn. I've lost count of the number of times I've attended this seeing as I was dragged there by my granny and granda so many times as a wean! I tell a lie, I didn't have to be dragged, I loved it. Me and my sisters used to sit up the back of the bus (in those days at least two coachloads left from Greenock) tee heeing at the mad steamin' nationalists on the bus. It's not like that now, fewer people and a much more serious occasion. Tomorrow the speakers include the First Minister Alex Salmond so I will look forward to that as I start out on my 3 mile Bannockburn March - possibly my 30th one! The pic was taken at Bannockburn 1973 and shows SNP HQ staffer Lorraine Reid on her daddie's heid - I'm sure she wont mind!

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