Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Scottish Parliament reception tonight

I'm speaking at a Scottish Parliament reception tonight. It will be strange being in my old work place but not having to do any work! Now if I was getting paid at the same time, that would be just perfect! Anyway the reception is being hosted by Aileen Campbell and it's to celebrate the success of the Challenges Worldwide Sri Lanka programme which was funded by the Scottish Government - and obviously it's the programme I went out to Sri Lanka on. It's terrible because I'm sitting here thinking about what I'm going to say and it's bringing back all those memories I'm trying to suppress for fear that I'll suddenly get up and get on a flight to Colombo! I carry my passport with me at all times these days. I'm not sure if it's because I got used to having to do it in Sri Lanka or if it's simply just in case ... I have always liked to have an escape route. Anyway I'll resist temptation and content myself with evangelising about it all tonight.

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Anonymous said...

That was genuinely quite interesting.

And I actually though the Burns Supper joke was funny!